Summary Date Status Classification Notes
Hang 2008-10-30 closed bug 2
Template creation fails if shell starts up in ~/Desktop 2008-10-13 closed duplicate 0
Duplicate line numbers 2008-10-07 closed duplicate 0
Ability to restrict project find to a directory 2007-04-11 closed duplicate 0
Project drawer allows duplicate files to be created 2007-03-07 closed duplicate 0
Indent Selection does not work for certain Java files 2006-09-21 closed bug 1
Java bundle does not highlight comments correctly 2006-09-21 closed other 1
BibTeX syntax highlighting incorrect for comments 2006-08-11 closed bug 1
Find count button in Find dialog cannot get keyboard focus 2006-07-21 open bug 1
Keyboard shortcuts for Text > Convert > Tabs to Spaces / Spaces to Tabs 2006-06-29 open request 2
Convert to Titlecase breaks on apostrophes 2006-06-22 closed bug 3
Ticket system cannot search for ticket numbers 2006-06-17 open request 2
Validate Syntax in XML bundle does not (fully) validate 2006-06-14 closed bug 1
Dragging project file to trash does not work 2006-05-11 open bug 0
Subversion bundle support for graphical diff utilities 2006-05-10 closed request 4