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This is a duplicate of ticket D8B9A720.

Status: closed, reported by brian on 2009-09-03 (duplicate)

New Install, no longer launches

I have a purchased version of Textmate (sn# 66389), and was asked by the app if I wanted an updated version. It downloaded the update, I believe it installed it, and the app no longer opens. The error it gives is that "it not supported on this archetecture".

How do I make this work again?
Note added by Allan Odgaard on 2009-09-03 21:38:57

Try redownload from

Can it be that there was a delay between it having downloaded the update, and you clicking “Install & Relaunch”? E.g. you “came back” to the machine after a night/some hours, where it had downloaded it?

My theory is that your temporary directory was “cleaned” after it had downloaded and extracted the download (to this tmp. dir), so the actual app installed (replacing the old) had the actual files removed, which would explain the error message (from the system).