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This is a duplicate of ticket F39D8CE8.

Status: closed, reported by textmate on 2007-02-23 (duplicate)

A reason for adding an option for BOM saving in UTF-8, it's needed for Mac OS X Finder to properly display a file

Dear TextMate developers,

I generally agree with you that the BOM in UTF-8 is neither necessary nor recommended and I've read your explanations in the forums along with other requests regarding that. I also know that BOM is preserved by TextMate. However I think it would be good to add it also as a GUI option in preferences for saving UTF-8 file.

I found that there are problems with displaying utf-8 without BOM in Mac OS Finder's preview. I've put a simple example with screenshots here:

Thanks for your hard work and your great editor!
Note added by Allan Odgaard on 2007-02-23 21:29:43

There will be an import/export system in 2.0 which will allow the user to extend TM with for example more encoding choices, including setting a BOM.

That said, I would rather report this as an enhancement request for the Finder. Putting BOM in lots of text files to have Finder’s preview “detect” the proper encoding, is not a good solution.