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Status: closed, reported by Chris Fonnesbeck on 2009-10-20 (other)

Open Recent menu item does not get populated

After upgrading to OSX 10.6, the "Open Recent" item in the "File" menu does not get populated with files that have been previously opened. Instead, it remains empty. I tried the following:

defaults delete com.macromates.textmate NSRecentDocumentRecords

but this item does not even exist in my prefs.

Running Version 1.5.8 (1509).
Note added by Allan Odgaard on 2009-10-20 22:39:19

What does this say:

  defaults read com.macromates.textmate NSRecentDocumentsLimit

Are you aware that files opened via ‘mate’ does not get added by default (you need to use -r/--recent for that). So only files you double-click in Finder will be added to the menu.

Note added by Chris Fonnesbeck on 2009-10-20 22:42:50

I am not using TextMate from the command line, so that is not an issue.

That command returns zero. I noticed this earlier, and tried deleting the entry, but it gets repopulated to zero. Changing it nto a nonzero number appears to work -- thanks. Strange that it was set to zero when upgrading to Snow Leopard though.

Note added by Allan Odgaard on 2009-10-21 15:32:32

That it returns zero is clearly the problem. Setting it to non-zero making it work supports that.

I can’t imagine why it would automatically re-populate itself as zero if unset, maybe you issued a wrong command when trying to delete it, and the initial zero value may have come from following the suggested workaround for issue 4 on the Snow Leopard troubleshooting page (which should only be relevant if you work with network mounted drives).