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Status: closed, reported by romain.carrere on 2009-08-26 (duplicate)

"find in project" issue

Hi Textmate team,

first of all I'd like to thank you a lot for quality software. I'm a textmate early user and I'm really satisfied with it, hope that version 2 will push it even further...

As a rails developer I've always used textmate for all my codings. Since a few month I work more and more magento e-commerce websites. Those kind of projects contains a huge file and folder architecture that make searching in project quite long. I asume this is normal when saerching a large amount of data, but I've recently noticed a beahviour that sounds to be an issue.

When your project contains symbolic links, the "search in project" feature seems to be searching also into the aliased folders. That means that it can leads to a really long process. In my case it's even more anoying cause alias are made to folder that exists in the folder tree, so that means that the search will be run as many times as many symbolics link I have. For some projects I have got twenties symbolic links that are alias to the same directory, and I get those twenties different entries disaplyed in the result list even if the file reference is excatly the same.

I hope you'll make textmate smarter for searching in project that contains aliases ...


Note added by Allan Odgaard on 2009-08-26 15:00:24

For now you can use the folder filters to filter out the symbolic links:

We will however address this in 2.0.